About Our Club

Heartland Howling Welsh logo.JPGThe Heartland Welsh Springer Spaniel Club is a regional club representing members mostly from the upper Midwest states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan.

Our Club is recognized by the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America and the American Kennel Club. We are about 50 members and are joined together by the love of the Welsh Springer Spaniel breed.


  • President – Karen Lyle
  • Vice President – Diane Whipple
  • Secretary – Sara Sorensen  – contact her at casnsls2@gmail.com
  • Treasurer – Jennifer Clark


  • Lisa Stevens
  • Dee Feltus
  • Kelli Zellmer

Membership in this club requires an application form be submitted to our secretary with first year dues.  At the next meeting of the club, applicants will be voted upon by the membership. New members are always encouraged, welcomed and invited to join.  Contact our Secretary above for more details.


Photo by Betsie Czeschin at the November 2015 Meeting




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