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Heartland Welsh Springer Spaniel Club is proud to offer the Iron Welsh Challenge
at the 2019 National Specialty.

In order to participate in the Iron Welsh Challenge, you and your dog must be entered in at least three different events choosing among conformation, field, tracking, obedience and rally.  When you pass/qualify/place in two or more of the events you and your dog become a Qualifier. Qualifying dogs then compete for the Gold, Silver or Bronze awards.  The awards will be presented following conformation on Sunday, May 5th. Heartland is offering an Altered class in Sweeps for the dog who is not able to be shown in the regular conformation classes.

Below is the sign up form, the rules and the point schedule. Sign up each dog separately. There is no additional cost involved to compete – just fun and friendly competition!  Entries close Wednesday, April 17, 2019.

Start working with your dog now and help us support the versatility of our breed by entering the Iron Welsh Challenge! Questions?  Email us at


Celebrating the Versatility of the Welsh Springer Spaniel


  1. The Iron Welsh Challenge is a Versatility competition intended to be held in conjunction with the WSSCA  National Specialty.  It is sponsored by the Heartland and Pacific Northwest Welsh Springer Spaniel Clubs, who hosted the Challenges in 2012 and 2010.
  2. In the event the Iron Welsh Challenge is not held with the National Specialty, an alternate Iron Welsh Challenge may be approved by the WSSCA Board to be held in conjunction with a Regional Specialty or Supported Entry show.
  3. Each Iron Welsh Challenge shall consist of competition in at least 4 of 7 possible events: Conformation, Field, Obedience, Tracking, Agility, Rally, and Scentwork.  Conformation and Hunting competition should be offered at every Iron Welsh Challenge.
  4. Two types of awards are offered in the Iron Welsh Challenge – the Qualifier award and the Medal Awards. The Qualifier award is given to all Welsh Springer Spaniels who compete in at least 3 events and earn qualifying performances in at least 2 of those events.  The Medal Awards – Gold, Silver and Bronze, are given to the top three point winners in the Challenge. The Gold award winner is designated the Iron Welsh Champion of that year.
  5. The owners of the medal winning dogs must all be members of the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America for the full calendar year of the Challenge. If any of the owner(s) of the medal winners are not members of WSSCA, then the corresponding award will not be given that year.
  6. The winners of the Qualifying awards must all be members of WSSCA.
  7. The Awards will be presented to the owners/breeders/handlers of the dogs at the National Specialty banquet if the results are known at that time.  If the competition continues after the banquet, the awards will be presented at the last performance event of the Iron Welsh Challenge.
  8. A schedule of points is to be developed applying to all classes leading to AKC or WSSCA titles in each of the allowed events.  Point values increase as the level of difficulty increases, and bonus points are awarded based on successes across multiple events, rewarding versatility.
  9. It is encouraged to allow scores from all days of competition surrounding the National Specialty.  Allowing more eligible days helps minimize conflicts between the individual events, although strategizing the choice of classes and events, and dealing with conflicts is considered part of the Challenge.
  10. Participation in Conformation is highly encouraged.  Maintaining the Welsh Springer Spaniel as a single breed with no split between show and field or performance dogs is of the utmost importance.  To that end, a separate, “Iron Welsh” Conformation class should be offered to those Welsh Springer Spaniels who are not eligible for the regular breed classes, and for those owners who choose not to show in the regular breed classes.  When a hosting club chooses to hold the IWC in conjunction with a National Specialty, Welsh Springer Spaniels entered in this class shall be groomed and presented as in the show ring.  This class will be judged after Best of Breed judging, along with the Stud Dog and Brood Bitch classes or as an altered class in Sweepstakes.
  11. At least once a year, the schedule of points is to be reviewed by at least 3 WSSCA members, who are approved by the WSSCA Board, and have qualified in at least one previous Iron Welsh Challenge.
Points Events and Classes
Conformation Rally Obedience Agility Field Tracking Scent-work
1 IQ Nov Sub-Novice  ACT 1
2 First Place  Int Beg Nov  ACT 2 Novice
3 RWD/RWB Adv Pre-Novice WD
4 BISw Novice Nov JWW Advanced
4 BOSw Veterans Nov FAST
5 WD/WB  Exc Grad Nov Nov Std WDX TD
5 Pre-Open JH
6 Select Master Open Open JWW TDU Excellent
6 T2B
7 BB Grad Open Open Std SH
8 Versatility  E/M/P JWW TDX Master
8 Pre-Utility Exc FAST
9 E/M/P Std Detective
10 Utility MH VST
1 Participation Point (PP) for each event actually participated in.  An IQ is a Qualification within an EVENT; i.e. qualifying at multiple levels in one event (jumpers and standard in agility) is ONE IQ
1 PP to any dog entered in an event, who doesn’t get to run because of limits, and is present and ready to run.
1 PP to any entered dog who doesn’t get to run because of limits and, in tracking, is present and ready to run at the test.
Add Bonus Points – 3 for 3 IQ’s, 5 for 4 IQ’s, 7 for 5 IQ’s, 9 for 6 IQ’s, 11 for 7 IQ’s
First Tie Breaker – # of Events with Q’s
Second Tie Breaker – # of Events entered
Third Tie Breaker – Total # of Q’s

For more information about the 2019 WSSCA National Specialty please contact Heartland Welsh Springer Spaniel Club at

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